Welcome to All Illinois Nature Enthusiasts

Welcome to All Illinois Nature Enthusiasts

We are happy to have you here and share with you our passion for the beautiful and magical nature of Illinois. If you are reading this, you are either willing to know more about the preserved ecosystems across the state, or you are planning the route of your next vacation. We can help by sharing valuable information and providing a platform for discussions in both cases. You are welcome to stay and participate in our debates about the best Illinois National Parks, preserve areas, and Lan and Water Reserves.

What This Website Is Dedicated To?

The reasons this website exists are our desire to help travelers to get to know the nature of this beautiful state and to show why it is so important to protect it. By showing each and every natural gem scattered across nearly 100,000 acres, we would like to urge you to take action. On the other hand, Illinois has a lot to offer to individual hiking enthusiasts and families. Our team is dedicated to showing the most suitable places for tourism and what to expect when you get there. You may even find some valuable information about the native species, which could be an excellent addition to your garden!

Are You From Our Blood Type?

If you are still reading this post, surely you are one of us. You love the raw spirit of nature and wish to enjoy it in the future. Feel free to suggest subjects and raise questions that matter. If you wish to know anything about specific plants or wildlife native to Illinois, send us a message, and we’ll deliver what is requested in our distinguished style. Share your opinion under the existing articles and widen the horizons of all readers. There is often more than one true view, and it is important for people who share a common passion, to explain theirs.

Main Topics and Articles

You will find plenty of different topics here. We focus on everything that could matter and is somehow connected to Illinois nature. The main source of facts for our research are official government sites and authorities, like the Illinois Nature Preserves Commission. So, you can count on the reliability of the information presented, just like you would rely on official channels. Here are some of the dedicated topics on our page:

  • National Parks, Nature Preserves, and Land and Water Reserves
  • Popular Tourist Routes, Forest Trails, and Camping Areas
  • Wildlife – Animals, Insects, Birds, Fish, and Lizards Native to Illinois
  • Native and Invasive Plants, including Trees, Grass, Shrubs, and Flowers
  • Outdoor Activities – Hiking, Walking, Bicycling, Cross-Country Skiing, Kayaking, Hunting and Fishing, Camping, etc.
  • Volunteer Opportunities – Guiding, Supervising, Cleaning, Growing Flower Plots, etc.
  • Accommodation and Amenities near Protected Territories, and Much More.

Basically, we welcome ideas connected to one of the topics above or any other related to nature and its preservation. We believe that knowledge is the key to a better life and the protection of virgin territories, which unfortunately are only around 19% today. So, if you have anything in mind, let us know!

Attention Gardeners – We Have You Covered Too!

If you own a property in Illinois and wish to grow a beautiful garden, we can help you with the task of finding the right plants. We have stories covering the soil preferences of the most beautiful and hardy shrubs and flowers. You’ll also find valuable information about the recommended sun exposure, temperature, and moisture. Furthermore, some Illinois plants require a lot of maintenance while others do not. This could be crucial if you have limited time to spend in the garden. Check our articles dedicated to plant threats and diseases, too. Growing native species is cost-effective and more friendly to the environment.

Stay With Us

If you have come this far with our post, we believe we have achieved a lot by keeping your attention. Surely, you’ll find many other reasons to stay with our stories. Browse the various categories and participate in the discussion initiated by our editors and content creators. Share your experience as it could be priceless to other travelers and nature lovers. If you feel comfortable, tell us, and if you don’t, tell us as well! Our sole purpose is to serve our readers and help them explore the magnificent natural secrets of the Prairie State.