About Us

Illinois is a place full of treasures when it comes to nature. Did you know that the Prairie State actually boasts over 140 National Parks and natural areas? In addition, it offers hundreds of preserves, registered and protected by the Illinois Nature Preserves Commission! We know all that and much more, and what we don’t know, we investigate, research, and write about it here. This website is for those preferring outdoor activities, fresh air, and true contact with nature. If you fall into this increasingly rare category, you will certainly spend many hours on our platform planning your next vacation among the amazing landscapes of Illinois.

What We Care About

Our team of enthusiasts believes that Illinois is the most beautiful American state. We know about the natural gems scattered across the 102 counties, including beautiful lakes, vast tallgrass prairies, rivers with crystal waters, and deep hickory forests. We also know what lives there and a lot about the thousands of plant and animal species threatened with extinction. So, we care about all that and think that the only way to convince other people is by showing nature’s beauty.

On this platform, you’ll find plenty of articles about the rarest birds, lizards, mammals, and rodents living within the limits of Illinois National Parks. We care about the plants, too, so check for some educational stories about White Oaks, Red Maples, Slippery Elms, and many others. We are concerned about these ecosystems, knowing very well how fragile the balance could be.

Our Mission

So, our mission is to help preserve Illinois’ nature by promoting the idea and showing the best tourist routes, hiking trails, and camping sites. Explore our site and find:

  • Top Illinois National Parks
  • State’s Nature Preserve Districts
  • Land and Water Reserves with Easy Access
  • Accommodation and Amenities Close to Parks and Protected Areas
  • Volunteer Opportunities and INPC Organized Activities
  • Illinois Nature Symbols
  • Endangered Species – Animals, Birds, Fish, and Plants
  • Native Trees, Flowers, and Other Plants
  • More Articles Related to Nature and Tourism.

The tasks are many, but we see that more and more people living in Illinois are starting to care about the surrounding environment. If we can be part of this and influence even one person, our mission will be fulfilled. It’s not just about the climate changes, but we aim to preserve the natural beauties so that we can enjoy them for a longer time as well as the generations coming after us.

Sources of Information

We write articles based on genuine information and verified facts only. We never use information sources that are not reliable and always cross-check the origin of data. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources is such a legit database that we often use for searching facts about specific plant species, wildlife, and their native habitats. County agencies running nature preserves and reserves are also solid sources of genuine information. We often update our articles, but it’s possible some services, amenities, or regulations could be changed. Because of that, we encourage our readers also to share actual information about Illinois tourist locations.

The Team Behind the Scene

Last but not least, this platform exists because of the unceasing enthusiasm of our whole team. We are a perfect bond between people with different skills and knowledge but sharing the same passion. We all love nature and know how crucial it is for all of us to preserve it and help other people join our cause. The team boasts genius developers and IT masterminds, SEO specialists, content creators, editors, etc. Nevertheless, we accept constructive criticism as we know that success is always born in discussions. So, if you have any ideas on how to optimize what we do, contact us or share your thoughts under the blog articles.